Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery - The Origin of Buddhist Fate !


Sitting Pretty on the foot of Mt. Haibu Rishen, Samye Monastery is situated in the serene Shannan Region, to the north of Tsangpo river. This is the first monastery in entire Tibet to be built comprising with the three Buddhist idols, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. This monastery is hugely popular with all Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. And the beauty of its construction beckons tourist who comes to Tibet.

When the Monastery was Constructed !


The Construction of the temple started in the year 779 under the able supervision of Tibetan King Trisong Detsen. It was then handed over to the famous Buddhist master Padmasambhava continued the construction of the monastery. On the day of the foundation ceremony, King Trisong Detsen gave permission to seven descendants of the blue blood for staying in the temple and for cultivation in it. They were the first group of monks ever to stay in the Samye Monastery. They came to be known as 'Seven Enlightened Disciples of Samye'. Since then, the monastery has become a national treasure and is now under the care of the government.

What are the Main Attractions of the Monastery !

If you wish to see Universe, come to Samye Monastery. The whole temple is build as an exact replica of Universe mentioned in the Sutras. In the center, the majestic Wuzi hall depicts Mt. Meru, which is considered to be the starting point of the world. Similar to the position of Sun and Moon in Universe, the sun and moon Chapel are constructed in north and south respectively. You will find four large halls and eight smaller one symbolizing the four large and eight small continents of the world. There is a circular wall all round the temple depicting the boundary of the World. This is just the outlay of the temple. Inside these halls you are bound to find many more amazing things. When you start your scintillating journey through the temple and come across the Wuzi hall, you'll come to know why this monastery is called the 'Three Styled Temple'. The hall is divided into three layers, all with different styles, the lowest in Tibetan style, middle one in Han style and the topmost in Indian style. On the middle layer of hall, Historical records of Tibet are inscribed on the walls which contains the religious history of Tibet. There are many captivating murals that are hanging on the wall that show the history of Samye monastery apart from the biography of the legendary master Padmasambhava. Also look at a pair of spectacular lion sculpture and the first bell made in the history of Tibet. Though it is tough to plan, but try to visit this monastery on January 5 or May 16, that too according to Tibetan calender, because on these days embroidery of Sakyamuni is put on display for pilgrims to pay their homage and you too can be one of them to receive the blessings.


Want to Know More !

The temple is open from 9 in the morning till 4 in the evening. The monastery is quite accessible from the city center. You have to take a bus up to Samye Ferry located at the banks of river Tsangpo. From there take a boat cruise or cross the river through the bridge. Though boat ride is obviously more interesting with full of sceneric beauty. From the other end of the river you will get special Monastery bus service that will take you to the doorstep of the temple. By paying a small amount you can enter the Samye Monastery, it is advisable to take a flashlight along, as few portions of the hall can be quite dark.

We suggest you to spend atleast half day to explore this pilgrimage center completely. The sight is not only holds an attraction of a pilgrimage destination but is equally known for its breathtaking architecture, children may not generate interest in its deep history but certainly they will enjoy its location and the panoramic view it holds. If you are in Tibet, you just cannot afford to miss this house of Lord which is all there for your healing and to purify your mind and soul.

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